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Why should you go in for reclaimed wood floors?

Why should you go in for reclaimed wood floors?

What is reclaimed wood?

As the name suggests, , reclaimed wood is that wood which has been obtained from any already-existing structure, and is now being given a new life. Reclaimed wood had been logged quite a few years back, sometimes even around a 100 years or even more, and has been obtained from old buildings, wooden bridges, lumber mills and at times old barns and warehouses. The price of reclaimed wood depends on its gradation, and regardless of the common misconception, this ‘used wood’ will offer you a quality that most other new wood from less mature trees cannot really match. This makes getting reclaimed wood floors not just a durable option, but also an environmentally friendly alternative.

The pros of using reclaimed wood

As you just read, reclaimed wood can often offer quality that is unmatched by most new wood products. A big demand of floors is that they should be easy to maintain and clean; durable and good looking, which is why wood remains one of the most preferred choices. With reclaimed wood, you can get floors of exotic species of wood that fulfils these criteria to an extent that many new varieties cannot.  For those who are environmental friendly but still want to use exotic wood types, reclaimed wood can be a great option to get what they desire without any guilt!

The cons of reclaimed wood

The first thing reason as to why most people do not go for reclaimed wood floors is that finding the right quality and kind of product can take significant effort and time- though it is worth it in terms of the quality that you will end up getting. For most people, another shock comes with the price of reclaimed timber-, which is generally more than first-hand timber, because of the extra rework and preparation that is needed to get it ready for use. Reclaimed wood also requires additional work, such as sanding, revarnishing, removal of nails and planning, which can add on to the overall costs. However, at the end, the finished product is always worth it- if you can spare the time and effort.

If you are looking to use exotic wood for your flooring, and not harm the environment while at it- then reclaimed wood floors can be just the thing you need. These will not just help you play your part in protecting the environment, but can also help you obtain a product of superior quality and finish.