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Brown Living Room Furniture Decorating Ideas

Brown Living Room Furniture Decorating Ideas

Does it come across as a surprise to you when you know that brown is one of the top most used colors in home interior design? It is actually not surprising since brown is extremely versatile and available in various different shades helping homeowners to create a textured look to their home. This becomes really important when it comes to your living room. Decorating your living room with brown furniture is a perfect way to approach the whole “designing a home” business. Check out these ideas for inspiration:

  • Playing with the many shades of brown is a clever way to make your living room look more sophisticated, chic and contemporary. Try beige brown carpeting, mahogany brown furniture and keep your sofas of white color to contrast the beautiful brown colors.
  • If your living room has a fireplace then you can use that to your advantage. Customizing the mantelpiece to be a rich chocolate brown; that makes a big difference in your living room. Go creative with your sofa style; say maybe try white sofas with brown cushions or vice versa.
  • A center piece is very important in your living room so why not find one in brown color and base the rest of the room off of it. Try a wicker coffee table in light brown color and sofas with beige macramé cushions. Top it all off with a thick brown carpet; the type that your feet sink in to and it exudes elegance and comfort. Highlight your walls with textual art in chocolate and caramel colors.