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Striped Curtains for Classy Windows

Striped Curtains for Classy Windows

When it comes to curtains at home, you get confused from the variety of designs and fabric prints that market has to offer for your home. Unable to make a decision, many homeowners plan to make a combination of different designs in the different rooms of the home and this is the best option so far. You can enjoy a variety of décor at home and at the same time create texture in the rooms.  Striped curtains are one classy option which suits many windows especially if you choose a stylish eye-soothing striped design.

Wide stripes make your room look moderate in size while narrow stripes create a wide sense in the environment. Multicolor stripes are a great option for the living room because often the environment comprises of many colors. Sofa and rug together with wall hangings bring together many colors that suit the multicolor striped curtains.

Black and white stripes are a popular option for black and white themed rooms and maybe you can find them best suitable in your bedroom if the major color of your choice there is black and white.

Vertical or horizontal stripes choice needs consideration of the window size and shape. Long and narrow windows look absurd with vertical lines. You can pick for them horizontal line curtains and the opposite is true to wide short windows. Square windows are the best with both types of stripe designs. If you are looking forward to replacing your old curtains with striped curtains check World Market.  Another graceful collection of curtains is available on Dunelm. Visit the stores and find your best options.