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The Amazing Simple Pine Wardrobes

The Amazing Simple Pine Wardrobes

In older times, the main place to store your clothes was a big box like the foot locker. As the manufacturing of furniture developed over the years, cabinets and wardrobes were created. They formed a better place and a great way to store and keep clothes, and they spread all over the world. Pine wardrobes are one of the simplest forms of storing clothes, and they are very popular and practical. They are easily mass produced, as the main advantage about them is practicality. There is no fancy carvings or vanities, all over them, just getting the job done.


Pine wardrobes are usually plain, they have no decorations or vanities what so ever. Maybe you can find a mirror on one of its doors, but they are usually very effectively plain. The whole designing matter is about its size and how many doors and shelves they have, and whether to have drawers or not and how many of them. Due to the ease of manufacturing them, many people ask for custom made wardrobes. Manufacturers always work on both sides, they mass produce many designs and at the same time the make custom orders. Sometimes they mass produce a custom design if they found it successfully spreading, as a part of their development process.


Of course the main material is the pine tree wood, with it’s amazing textile and natural look. Pine wardrobes are very durable, and they are very heavy duty equipment. The wood itself is very hard and it bears almost every weather or natural effects, which is why it is used in humid places and the ones with bad weather. You can find it also in hotels, motels and inns; as they are cheap yet very durable. The wood is treated with some chemicals to ensure it is clean, and then it gets a layer of a transparent varnish to give it a better look; and also as a protective layer.


Almost no one paints pine wardrobes, the natural color varies from light to dark beige according to the source’s age and origin. The natural color of the wood is amazing, and it matches almost any room color or paint. But sometimes people like to paint them in custom colors, and of course it is doable. Some types of wood cannot be painted due to their great absorbing ability, so the paint will always be pale after a while. Pine wood is one of these woods and that is why it is always left with its natural color. In order to paint pine wood, you must first apply a layer of a special chemical, which is going to be the base of your last color.