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Tips on how to buy standard lamps

Tips on how to buy standard lamps

A standard lamp is a perfect accessory for a room that needs a portable light source or some extra lighting. They generally stand next to some furniture such as chair and provide softer light. They are basically used for task lightning and complement the brighter overhead lights. Here in this article we have covered certain points on how to buy standard lamps for you to read and get benefited. So read on and find out more.

Choose the light direction

First of all you need to choose the direction or area in which you want light. Torchiere lamps will throw light in upward direction. Shade lighting on the other hand will throw light out of shade horizontally as well as downwards.


Consider how much brightness you want from the lamp. There are certain lamps that come with adjustable brightness settings. On the other hand, there are lamps that have fixed brightness level so that you can choose the appropriate amount of wattage as needed.

Select purpose and budget

This is one of the most important points while choosing a lamp for you. Select whether you want aesthetic light or functional light. Also choose whether you wish to light up the whole room or just a small part. Decide upon your budget and choose lamp accordingly.

Lamp style

Standard lamps come in varied styles, shapes and sizes. You need to decide which style suits best for your needs. There are two types of designs, classic as well as practical. The various styles that are available to you are console, torchiere, arch, tree floor, etc.