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Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Wall mounted bathroom cabinet Adds extra space to your bathroom for toiletries and other items. Tidy up the bathroom counter by storing toothpaste and topical ointments. Most bathroom wall cabinets have a mirror door for improved functionality. However, if you have a mirror, you can find lockers without them. With a helper and a few tools, it’s easy to buy a closet for a bathroom at a hardware store and install it yourself.


Use a slider to place wall mounts near where you want to hang the cabinet. Draw the line past where you want to install the cabinet so you can see it during the installation. Install your bathroom wall cabinet in two pens for more stability. Draw a sketch of where your cabinet will be installed. We refer to the cabinet dimensions and draw a rectangle the exact size of the back of the cabinet. Use a tape measure and level to ensure straight, straight lines of the correct length.

Screw a 1 x 3 inch support rail along the bottom edge of the case for stability. Choose a mounting rail that is as long as the closet is wide. Use the four 2-inch screws to secure it in place. Install some or all of the screws in the studs for best results. Lift the closet and place it on the wall on top of the support rail. Keep it in place. Install a 2-inch screw on one side of the case back panel near the top of the device. Make sure the screw goes through the bolt you found earlier. Various 2 inch screws through the back panel of the case on the other side hit another stud.

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