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Floating Bookshelves for Modern Home

Floating Bookshelves for Modern Home Setting

You must have seen floating bookshelves. They are truly floating and give the amazing illusion of suspending in the air. Modern homes prefer these shelves because they look neat and pretty in the home. There are many other benefits also for these shelves and here they are:

Tidy Look: Walls look less cluttered and neat with floating shelves. Because of sleek shelves, there is larger space left for the decoration and wall hangings.

Airy and Light: The space that you will leave around your floating bookshelves will look light to your eyes.  The airy ambiance in the room is great especially if you are living in a small apartment.

Unique and Chic: The walls look unique with floating bookshelves. The whole set up with nicely arranged books add a chic and modern aura to your rooms. Interior designing has entered a new phase with these floating shelves.

Saving the Space: A tiny nook, a narrow corner and any small part of the empty wall can perfectly work with floating bookshelves. And on the floor, zero space is occupied by these shelves.

Flexible Floating bookshelves can be used anywhere at home. They make a great choice for the walls with their minimal existence. Apart from the books, you can display little ornate and decoration pieces on them to design your room beautifully.

Easy to install: Floating shelves do not require a huge effort in installing them. With two tools only you can fix them on the wall and they remain intact in their place without creating any trouble. Just a leveler to check their straight line installation on the wall and a power drill would be enough to let you go with your work.

Durable: These shelves are hung on the wall with brackets only but they are durable and strong enough to bear the weight of the books. They keep in the place perfectly fit by screws under the shelves panels and onto the wall surface.