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Vinyl sheet flooring: a popular choice

Vinyl sheet flooring: a popular choice

Vinyl sheet flooring is the ungraded concept compared to vinyl tiles or vinyl plank flooring. This is a very popular concept of the household also. The core of this concept is its varieties and of course it’s realistic look. There are various designs available for vinyl sheets. Installing vinyl sheets can change the look of your home from an ordinary one to a luxury one. So if you are bore with the ‘me too’ look of your home then you may try vinyl sheets there and feel the difference.

The features:

Durability, practicality, style and designs are the core features of vinyl sheet flooring. It is very easy to install. It has high resistance. It can take high amount of load. It is scratch and water proof. More over it is very easy to clean and maintain. The versatility of designs makes it a popular choice in case of both residential and commercial use.

The realistic look:

Vinyl sheets offer a vast amount of designs such as woody look, stone and ceramic look. The main benefits here are they are easy to print as they are not cut in the shape of tiles rather they are printed in huge shaped sheets. The designs can be personalized as per the customer’s choice and taste. Vinyl sheet allows the manufacturer to be more creative in design as they don’t need to cut those sheets into tile shaped pieces whereas tiles are all about matching the individual designs one with another. Thus the sheets provide more realistic look compared to the tiles or planks as they are cut into pieces whereas sheets are eventually a huge combined piece.

Prices and other features:

Manufacturing vinyl sheets incur reasonably low cost than tiles or planks as they are not cut during the production and therefore there are less waste of materials arise. All we know that the less the wastage during production the less the price will be. Vinyl sheet flooring usually poses high resistance to water and moisture by character. They are with glossy look, sun shade effect proof and look glossier under lights. They can even be installed in the bathrooms and basement also. In sheet form printed vinyl can be inscribed with almost any pattern, color, or image that you desire. They are also easy replaceable if damaged in any case.

These exclusive features are enhancing the popularity of vinyl sheets day by day.