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Wall Hangings Offer a Great Variety of
Decor Options

Wall Hangings Offer a Great Variety of Decor Options

Some spaces on the walls of your kitchen, living room, bedroom or hall look bare and incomplete. You like to add personality to them. Among the many options, you have wall hangings. This easily available décor idea is rich with colors, textures, and styles. You can have them weaved, embroidered, patched, painted, beaded and many other forms that can come to your mind. There are many artisans who make traditionally woven wall hangings out of pure silk or wool thread. These classical wall hangings have been a part of home decor since past many decades.

Patterns and artistic design wall hangings have a special status in home décor. These create a different aura in your interior but it is no way lesser than flowery patterns and natural objects’ images. Patterns can be geometrical, digital, abstract etc. These are a part of home décor but for a few reasons people like them very much and do not select a wall hanging with a flowery design if yiucan find some heart winning patterns.

Wall hangings can be made at home, too. There is no need of having a proper workshop and a ton of tools. With your simple supply of art objects and some material, you can make fantastic wall hangings for any lace at home.

Perfecting the shape and  size is in your hands. For a narrow space on the wall you should make rather a long wall hanging and for the wider spaces, you can make big and prominent piece of art.

Wall hangings have an upper hand in the matter of décor. You can wash them clean if they are made of fabric, you can change their place whenever you like to. You can also remove them completely and decorate the wall with any other brass or wood decor item.