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How to Choose Best Bathroom Wall panels

How to Choose Best Bathroom Wall panels

Choices in bathroom wall panels can be daunting because these are available in multiple textures, sizes, prices, colors, and styles. The choice for a contemporary bathroom will differ from a modern bathroom and with all these different facts, the choice can be overwhelming. The following simple tricks can help you make a choice.

Fix Your Price: What is your budget? Fixing the price that you can pay can save your time in searching and shopping process. If you have a small budget like $300 to $400, fiberglass panel is the best option for you. Moderate budget like the $900 to $1,700 can let buy faux stone wall panel line or acrylic. With a higher budget you get luxury panels like high gloss acrylic or natural stone like marble or granite.

Measure the Wall: Some bathroom wall panels like fiberglass, acrylic, solid surface and PVC backed panels come in standard sizes and you can customize them according to the space where you want to install them.  It is good that you measure your space and get the panel exactly of the size you need.

Imagine the End Result: Whatever design, color or style of bathroom wall panels you choose, imagine its look in the environment of your bathroom.  Natural stone and tile loo appealing to most f the people but maintenance of grout joint can be annoying. That is why solid surface, fiberglass, and acrylic are preferred because they have grout free surface look.  You may not like traditional grout but high gloss wall panels could be a better choice.

Compare DIY and Professional Panel Installing Service: If you want to save the cost and install the panels yourself, consider fiberglass, solid surface, or PVC backed composite faux stone walls are straight forward for a DIY job.  If you choose Acruylic bathroom wall panels, acquire profession al services.

Consider Accessory Installation: Evaluate your options of installing accessories. Some panels offer limited flexibility for that like fiberglass. PVC and solid surface bathroom wall panels allow you to install accessories as you wish.