If we go with the literal meaning of the walk in closet, then it is a space to store items, but it can turn out into something more if used and designed properly with innovative ideas. A simple closet can be made luxurious and a place to enjoy as well as relax. It can be made stylish and colorful by painting the walls of the walk in closet. This will transform an ordinary space to a stylish and refreshing one. To add more to it a  cozy rug with a comfortable bench and storage boxes can be put alongside. White shelving can make it look more spacious and open.

Using the combination of bold green rich brown and white on the cabinetry things will give a look of masculine design. Hanging rods if attached will give height and white color will give the feeling of cleanliness. An open closet looks more elegant. Even sliding transparent doors can also be used if one doesn’t want to keep the closet open. A full length mirror and vanity area if provided make sit more beautiful and perfect.

To give it a high end touch and for making it more extravagant crown molding at the corner ends along with a bookshelf can be used. This will not only give a lavish, but also a vintage touch to the space. And if a closet like spa is in desire, then we can use wicker basket drawers for keeping the essentials. This will give a serene look with a luxurious touch