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Home Decoration Ideas Based on Themes and

Home Decoration Ideas Based on Themes and Styles

Home decoration can be a daunting task if you have not set your mind for the basic them of it. Once you set a theme for your home décor, the rest becomes easy.  Your theme can be colors like blue, purple, gray, red, orange, or any shade that you like. But manage to stick to either a cool light shades theme or a warm rich color idea. With that you can step ahead in your home decoration ideas.

When you start planning a theme for your home, give ample thought to the complementing factors. For example, what compliments bright blue color? It can be maroon, shocking ink, orange or any other color which you choose depending on your own preferences. It is a well-known fact that white color shade compliments every color whether dark or light.

So, you can add in some limited amount but keep their other complimenting colors also that contrast with the blue shade softly. There are many different sorts of colors that have deep effects and they match with blue.

Yellow is another shiny color that brings to your home interior warmth of the sun and brightness of the day. You can keep it in cool, dull shades that soothe the eyes. Avoid sharp brightness or you will make your home interior less relaxing. Increasing the effects of yellow home decoration ideas is possible with candle lights. Candles make the dining room more inviting and clam.

Other than color there are other home decoration ideas which are based on modern theme or a classic, traditional theme. These type of home decoration dep3nds on designs, shapes and furniture type more than colors. Once you set you your home on a classic theme, keep on updating it with classic design ideas without paying key attention to the colors.